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Kirby Buckets

Seasons: 1 - 3

Episode Count: 24

Role: "Big Ricky" (Guest Star)

Network: Disney XD

EP: Kristopher Brown, Mike Alber, Gabe Snyder

Director: Jay Karas, David Kendall, Eyal Gordin, Trish Sie, Kristopher Brown, Savage Steve Holland, Troy Rowland, Joe Menendez


Kirby Buckets. Words really can’t get at what this experience meant to me. I was a sophomore in college and got a call that went something along the lines of “you booked an episode of a Disney show, and they’re very curious about what size spandex you wear”. Never did I think one call, particularly that one, would change my life so much. I could write a book on what I learned from everyone, and what amazing times we all had. This is a show and a group of folks I will cherish until the day I die, truly one of the most inspiring and life changing experiences of my life. Check it out on Disney+! 

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